For all children whose parents still can't cook cold!

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The toy nanny for all occasions

Elly, the toy wonder that gives children fun while eating, accompanies them in everyday life with music and enables them to relax and fall asleep.

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Life first

People and the environment in harmony

As adults, we have a duty to leave the children a world worth living in. No, not only worth living, a (survival) life must be made possible at all. In all everyday actions we have the opportunity to become conscious FOR to decide a future.

It starts with basics such as food, hygiene articles and clothing. But also in our other consumption we can always influence in which direction we are moving ...

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Therefore ELLY a multifunctional toy that is the ideal companion for numerous situations in a child's life. All in one! Because less is often more.

In addition, is ELLY Made from fully recyclable material to reduce waste.

In ELLYThe community also has tips for a sustainable family life and recipes for healthy and resource-saving nutrition that children also love.

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Elly's blog

Cooking, PLAYING, education

On Elly's blog you will find recipes for every family constellation and every child's age. From porridge and BLW in small quantities to dishes for small families to half a football team.

You will also find ideas for games and handicrafts for children of all ages, sorted thematically by the year.

Based on many years of experience, we give you tips on important milestones in a child's life - from sleeping to weaning to getting clean.

You can find more about this in ours Community

Elly's blog

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Happy families report

Read what happy parents have to say about Elly.

Martens family from Munich

Since Elly has been with us, our Tony (3 yrs) has really enjoyed eating and the portions are never enough! Elly makes parents and children happy!

The Henning family from Dortmund

Eat, play, sleep, listen to music, Elly is the perfect substitute for a nanny! The whole family is happy with Elly, great invention!